About Us

Charitably was established with the mission of ensuring donations are used effectively and efficiently for their intended purpose. We hear too often about instances of misappropriation and misuse of donations by charitable organizations, and we're tired of it! 

Charitably, through its platform and boots-on-the-ground volunteers, ensures your donation is used to facilitate and progress the cause in which you intended to promote. When we aren't conducting our own charitable activities, we are behind the scenes doing the due diligence for you, granting funds to organizations that have proven track records and who have objectively demonstrated their efficiencies and expertise in the causes you support.

Donating to charity shouldn't be riddled with the burden of time consuming complicated research and stress. We give you the ease and peace of mind you deserve, so you can donate to your causes with confidence, and give, Charitably. 

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Charitably, Inc. (EIN: 84-3529908) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity as designated by the Internal Revenue Service. CONTRIBUTIONS TO CHARITABLY, INC. ARE DEDUCTIBLE FOR FEDERAL INCOME TAX PURPOSES IN ACCORDANCE WITH APPLICABLE LAW.

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